2 november astrology

Aquarius January 21 to February You could feel uneasy, because the disparity between where you and others are seems so vast.

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You might even feel tempted to make amends or think you have to help the cosmos be just. Work and time got you the edge you have now. Things could easily be different tomorrow. Pisces February 19 to March The insightful quality of Mercury in Scorpio will require you to keep a note-taking app open or pen and paper handy.

Is your Birthday November 2nd... Happy Birthday

Aries March 21 to April But this scarcity mentality will likely leave you in the lurch — it always does. Taurus April 20 to May The combination of quick Mercury and the effusive sun in piercing Scorpio, your opposite sign, tips the heavens toward potentially favoring the opinions of others over your own.

Sun enters Scorpio

No sense being sweet on others more than yourself. Stay balanced. The passionate conjunction between action-hero Mars and starlet Venus have come to bring you focus and grounding. Clean out the gunk under your kitchen sink!

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Seal those apartment windows from wintry drafts! Sizzle away autumn nights with your cuffing partner! Nonetheless, once Venus shifts signs into your Libra-lined pleasure zone on Sunday, cut down your task list and slip into a softer and more relaxed focus. Some things are indeed priceless. Explore if you are dominated by your sunsign or moonsign Play now. Take Quiz. You might also like. View All.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today is one of those days when you will go throug Scorpio Weekly Horoscope - The week starts with some excellent earning opport Scorpio Yearly Horoscope For all the Scorpios, this year may have its own a Type your question here… Please Ask one specific question and provide relavant details In case of multiple questions, only the first will be answered. Born between October 24 and November 2 The planetary ruler is Mars for those born between 24th October and 2nd November. Born between November 3 and November 12 The planetary ruler is Jupiter for those born between 3rd November and 12th November.

Jupiter instils some very nice characteristics in these people. Apart from being the true blue Scorpio, these people are also very intelligent and ambitious. Additionally, given their sovereign drive, their aspirations become a reality soon.

Nov. 2: Your daily horoscope

Artistic and romantic, they are faithful and devoted to the core, and their generousness makes them quite popular among their circle. Regardless of many hurdles, these people move on in their lives as Jupiter lends them with enormous luck power. Jupiter is a powerful force in the lives of these Scorpios. Born between November 13 and November 22 The planetary ruler is Moon for those born between 13th November and 22nd November. Moon typically rules the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and makes a person very attractive.

It's no surprise that a Scorpio-born tends to be quite popular and have a good public standing.

November 2 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Charming as they are, Scorpio-born wishes to be set free, and have a terrific will-power. People born in this Decan value Justice. By their very nature, the people born under this influence are sensitive and also caring. In their relationships, particularly, they work very intensely and has a passion in everything they do.

To make their relationships more happy and fruitful, they will even go to the extent of self-sacrificing. They love to look after and take care of people who are close to them.

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